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When I traveled through India, I was spending some time with a group Sadhu's and other people under a tree where they would hang around every day. Of course smoking weed is not everyone's thing and people in Europe tend to have some prejudice in this regard. However, we need to understand that smoking weed is not only a normal thing to them but a natural instrument to find inner liberation. For them weed is not regarded as a drug but as a plant with a certain purpose if you use it in the right way. 

Since I was spending so much time with them, I had the chance to get intimate photos like this. 

  • Product Info

    All the photos are Fine-Art-Prints and delievered in Alu-Dibond. Suspensions are included. All sizes are predefined as available.

    If you need customized sizes, please send us a request and we will make you an offer if possible. Such special requests are related to additional effort and will be charged extra. 

  • Camera

    Sony A7Rii / Zeiss Distagon 35mm

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PriceFrom CHF 350.00
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